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Dear Students,

The high school years can be a challenging time. You still want to enjoy your youth, but you also know that the realities of college and/or career are right around the corner. Wouldn’t it be great if you could bridge these two concerns?

You can!

The place is Kern High and the time is Now! Welcome to This website details the 400+ KHSD Career Technical Education (CTE) classes that are specifically designed to allow you to explore any one of 15 Industry Sectors while you are still in high school.

Classes are offered at your high school in many of these industries and, once you’re a junior or senior, you are eligible to take advance CTE courses at Regional Occupational Center.

CTE classes are hands-on, technically demanding, and academically challenging – they are designed to prepare you for both career and college.

Did someone say college? That’s right, CTE classes also show you how continuing your education after high school can be both fun and profitable. In fact, to get you started, many of our CTE programs offer free college credit while you are still in high school. In addition, most of our CTE classes are “A-G” College Prep approved. 

As we said, the time really is NOW! Explore this website to see all of our offerings, talk it over with your parents, and meet with your counselor to discuss your next step.

Your future awaits you at Kern High Now!