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Dear Parents,

What ever happened to shop classes and job training programs? Truth be told, they haven’t gone away, in fact they are better than ever!

Now called “Career Technical Education,” or “CTE” for short, these classes are ready to serve your child and to prepare him or her for both career and college. That’s right, many of Kern High School District’s 400+ CTE offerings now offer simultaneous college credit.

Also new is that, in addition to traditional trades and shop classes, CTE is now for everyone. Challenging medical, engineering, computer programming, and business management programs are just some of the new-look CTE offerings that KHSD is making available to your child. We are pleased to offer programs in all 15 Industry Sectors identified by the State of California, all taught by a dedicated staff of industry-trained professionals credentialed by the state Department of Education, and each guided by a local Advisory Committee consisting of are leaders within their industry.

What this means to you and your child is that they are now able to explore more occupations than ever before and at an earlier age, while also possibly earning valuable college credit. The end result is that students are more engaged, more likely to complete their high school education, more apt to enroll into college or advanced training, and better prepared for today’s competitive workforce.

We have developed to allow you to clearly see KHSD’s commitment to CTE as it relates to your child’s future. Students may enroll in programs as soon as their freshman year. They may then advance through their chosen field throughout their high school career, taking “capstone courses” at their home school or the Regional Occupational Center during their junior and senior years.

It all begins with you. Talk to your child about their dreams and their future. Then explore this website to see how our many program offerings can point them to a bright future…a bright future that awaits them at Kern High Now!